Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What do you do?

what do you do when everythings wrong
[ n` nothings right ]
when you think of him first thing n` the mornin
[ n` the last thing at night ]
when your heart is stuck for him
[ n` he doesnt even care ]
when the only thing on your mind
[ is how life isnt fair ]
when your bestfriends are changing
[ n` so is the oLd you ]
when everybody that was there
[ is no longer true ]
when you try so hard to smile
[ while holding back tears ]
when you leave each day
[ scared of your fears ]
what do you do when your feeling
[ down n` depressed ]
when your eyes are filled w/ water
[ n` your too dang stressed ]
do you sit back to see
[ if it all will last ]
do you sit cry think n` reminice
[ about the past ]
somebody answer me cause i cant
[ figure it out ]
is this what my whole life
[ is all about ]

On other note: I have some updates in my life-

Tonight I got on the computer and noone good was on so I started playing a game when I heard Jessica come down in the living room and say "Christa?" and I had the music on but I could just barely hear her and I'm like "What?" and she said something and I could hardly hear it but she said, "theres a cockroach in the bathroom upstairs." and I was like "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!"- so you know, me being the bravest and least girliest I had to kill it, it was a pretty good sized sucker! I was like "mwah,ha,ha!"

So yes, interesting news isnt it? Tomorrow...well actually it almost is into Wednesday, but anyway...tomorrow the first season of Gilmore Girls should get here, we ordered it (okay I admit, yes I'm obsessed!) So I think I'll wizz thru those by this weekend.

The Fuerst are coming down this week, I think maybe on Thursday. That will be fun! I want to go back to NY with them after their visit down here but, uh, we'll see.

I guess I had more to say then I thought...Well its a few minutes to midnight so I better head off, I still have to finish something up on here..hopefully I wont be up to late


Monday, March 28, 2005


Yesterday, as most of you probably know, was Easter. I went with Jon to his grandmothers for lunch and met some of his family, I made friends with the 4 little ones. And after hanging out there for a while me,Jon,Dave,Christy and Dontay went to Dave's for dinner and tv. It was a good day! Jesse is so cute! He kept saying "I want you to come to my house and play with me", "I wish we could play hide-and-seek!" and a whole bunch of other things. So maybe I'll go play with him sometime!

Tonight mom is having Todd,Jen,Linda and Deb over for a while. Pretty exciting I guess..we'll see. Jen walked up to the porch and I opened the door and she was like "Hey daughter-in-law!" shes so great.

My life is dull..I never write anything entertaining in here, as you probably have all noticed!

So I guess I'll head out...maybe something interesting will happen that I can write..I doubt it, but we can try! :)

Friday, March 25, 2005

Nothing new...

First off today is March 25th, Ryan's b-day...Happy 22nd Ry!

I went to run errends with mom and Marissa today and it was insane crazy! Walmart was swamped,Giant was all busy and blockbuster had 4 empty parking spaces. We went to get the car washed at the Car Wash across the Market St Bridge (you know, by sheetz and wendys) and it rocked! I was very excited, you drive in and sit there while it cleans your car. RAD MAN!

Its so boring around here- I have no friends and no excitment...cant wait to pack up and move! 5 weeks from today and this house is history...scary but entertaining.

I got a shot on wednesday and my arm is so sore..its really dumb I think..shots shouldnt hurt this much!!

*sigh* there isnt anything exciting happening in life right now so I dont know what else to type..I guess I'll go make me some lunch

Monday, March 21, 2005

a new monday..

Last night I slept in my closet after "cleaning" the basement. I can't believe how many memories there are down there, last night it was memory after was insane!

I've felt like packing but I have no idea where to even start. We only have 5 weeks and 3 days till we're moving. People keep asking, "Are you excited to move to North Carolina?" and I never have a straight answer. I decided that: Yes, I am very excited! I finally can get out of South Williamsport. Its going to be sad to leave all my friends and the house cause we have so many memories, but oh well.

I took Bourbon for a 40 minute walk today. Thank God! haha- I really needed to get out and excercise instead of sitting around all day. I dont know what I'll do without him, but I guess it will be kinda safe down in Charlotte so I dont have anything to worry about, theres people(hot guys) around. I hoped to have something exciting to report, but sadly- nothing ever happens in my life!!

Big Teddy and Laura are coming up next weekend and are thinking of bringing little Teddy. I said if they brought him I would be happy to babysit him if they wanted to go out by themselves. She said, "Aww, thanks Christa. Thats sweet of you but I think we would probably just hang around your house cause its the most exciting place to hang out." and I was like "Yeah well, without Logan around its dull around here but okay!".

So ever since you read the first sentince of this you've probably been asking yourself "Why the heck did she sleep in her closet?"..yeah?(if you answered no you can pretty much close out of the window now, or atleast skip the rest of the paragraph!) well I'll give you an answer: cause its quiet,big enough and I can read in there without worrying about waking marissa up.

I really need a massage and to lay down- I dont know why but I feel sick. The screen is going hazey- maybe I'll have a bowl of ice cream and watch some tv in my closet(yes, i have a tv in my closet!) So I'll talk to you all later!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

this one doesnt have a title...;)

last night I spent the night at aunt marian's with Q. it was fun..crazy times! today i went to LCC- dave and jon were being immature all afternoon! lol- jon ACTUALLY introduced me to just kidding jon, i love you and you kno it!..dave,jon and i went to the chinese buffet,walmart and the pet sto! tons of fun, tons of fun! fighting in the isles, tapping on the fish tanks when there were signs that said "please dont tap on glass", eating weird food, setting all the toys that made noise off..."geez, little kids!"

well thats it...i dont have much of a life as you can just bored and thought id write in off to...idk..later!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday's here..

Im so happy its Saturday! Even tho I dont get to see Jamie or Justin I'm happy its here. Momma C had YaYas this morning so I had to sleep on the couch- *sigh*- so I woke up early and have a major knot in my back- I wish I was seeing Jamie today!!- but oh well. I decided to be nice to Jon for once- grr!- so I gotta get all pretty and do my hair cause for some dumb reason it looks sooo bad when I leave it curly..and I swear if he has to work tomorrow I'm gonna be mad that I wasted 2 hours doing my hair! I guess it doesnt really go to waste tho..its been so long since I went to LCC so if he isnt there then Ill be okay. Anyway enough blabber on that..

lastnight I couldnt sleep so I had a midnight snack- a bowl of cereal cause I couldnt decide if I wanted that or ice cream- so now I'm eating ice cream for breakfast. very nice choice, christa!

well jamie just got my hair will never get done..but thats okay..cause jamie is a sexy beast!! (strtsldr22189: hey there sexy) lol gotta love him!

i dont have anything exciting happening right now..i think when bourbon comes home i'll take him for a walk..or maybe i'll walk down and get him..cause im bored and have nothing to do till after dinner when i go to aunt marians..maybe it will excite my life!

a song I have been obsessed with for the past week or so..

There's a game you wanna playThere's a risk you would like to takeBut words can't change what you feel insideThere'll be no going back from hereI'm scared it'll lead to tearsPatience, boy, and I will decideIf your kiss is sweet enoughIf I wanna feel your touchYou should know I can read your mindIf the deal is worth the painIf you just won't die of shameI am tempted to tryIf you taste this fruit forbidden to eatYou can drink this wine from a love so deepI dance for youLet you come withinIf you swear to me that it ain't no sin ~Forbidden Fruit

yeah- well thats about it for now...i'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with something exciting to say!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Research: This ones for you Logan

On Tuesday morning, December 21, you could almost hear the sound of 100,000 hearts breaking. At about ten o’clock, the news made the rounds in homes, schools and workplaces across Lycoming County: "They found Logan. He didn’t make it."
How unutterably sad.
We all knew something was wrong late Saturday afternoon. We heard the helicopters circling overhead; saw the lights ablaze at the Little League complex. If you happened to be driving in South Williamsport, the streets were staked out with police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances, as if establishing a perimeter. Was it a huge vehicle accident on Route 15? A chemical spill? A drill or simulation, preparing for a terrorist attack? A dangerous convict escaped from prison?
It was a little boy lost.
But this was a 9-year-old boy in the most vulnerable, heart-wrenching situation- a mental disability that made it impossible for him to call out to his would-be rescuers, impossible to seek a stranger’s help, impossible to reason a way to find the road, follow the lights of the city, leave a trail, or send up a signal.
By Sunday morning, everyone knew Logan was missing. Thousands prayed in churches, hundreds volunteered to join the search. The daylight hours were precious and few and the temperature was dropping like a rock. The volunteers pulled their coats more tightly around them and kept going. Those outside canvassing the neighborhoods were handed cookies and hot coffee from those inside.
Darkness came and still no good news. We who were safe in our warm homes heard the heater kick on for the second time in fifteen minutes, realizing suddenly how horribly cold it had become, and we began to weigh the odds, hoping and praying for a miracle.
The searchers found Logan on Tuesday morning, after a day and a night of the bitterest cold of the year. How very sad. Those who knew and loved Logan have their own grief to deal with and nothing us outsiders can say or do will fix it. The rest of us, who only knew Logan as the Little Boy Lost, have one small shred of comfort.
It is this: the measure of any society is how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable within it. ...
I have an elderly uncle who often declares that people are "rotten, just rotten to the core." I’ve tried to change his mind. I think people can be, and frequently are, splendid. When crunch time comes, people rise.
People rose.
Families generally have plans on the Sunday before Christmas, sometimes engrained in tradition. Hundreds of volunteers missed the Sunday school pageants, church suppers, baking, or tree-trimming they’d been planning, to instead spend two days or two nights in the paralyzing cold, knocking on doors, canvassing neighborhoods, searching the woods. Those who could, did. Those who couldn’t, prayed.
…Local supermarkets and restaurants brought food to the command center to feed the volunteers. Women dug into their freezers and handed over Christmas cookies and baked goods. First Ward Fire Co. helpers kept the coffee coming. Help arrived from outside Lycoming County, too. Search and rescue teams from Virginia, Maryland, and Boston came. Donuts were sent from Wilkes-Barre. Forestry workers came from all over the state. The call went out and people stepped up.
This is the one thing, perhaps the one, tiny grain of good to come out of such a sad loss. We in Lycoming County now know who we are. We take care of each other, especially the most helpless among us. We’d do anything and everything to save one Little Boy Lost. Perhaps, to us outsiders, this is Logan’s Legacy.

Logan left a powerful message to the community
Sun-Gazette Editor
(As appearing in the Thursday, December 23, 2004 edition of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette)
When Logan Mitcheltree was discovered missing Saturday afternoon, the South Williamsport community and its neighbors joined together in a mission- to find Logan alive.
Hundreds of volunteers combed Logan’s neighborhood, the municipality and the hills surrounding it. In an age when we worry about prejudices toward people based on race, religion and handicaps, Logan’s autism did nothing to mute the effort of volunteers, police, fire and other emergency personnel.
They searched everywhere for Logan on what may turn out to be among the three most bitterly cold days and nights of the next three months.
When Logan’s lifeless body was found Tuesday, there was a collective feeling of anguish, frustration, failure and sadness.
All those emotions make sense.
But during times of grief, when we all ask why something so tragic happens, it is helpful to look at the positive message beneath the surface, even if that message doesn’t entirely answer the question.
Logan, who could not speak, left a very loud message to anyone who was listening.
He showed that communities can still care, people can still come together for a cause. We can still feel. We can still bare our hearts. And it’s very worth it to do so.
Despite the outcome in the search for Logan, we can feel good about the humanity Logan brought out in everyone over the past few days.
As for the Mitcheltree family, a community's thoughts and prayers go out to them. During this time of grief it may help them to know they can be proud of Logan, for he left a message more powerful than most of us are able to leave.

Logan, I miss you baby! I would do anything plus more to have you and daddy back by my side. I hope you guys are enjoying it up there without all the Mitcheltree girls nagging you! lol thanks for always being there for me to cry with or just blabber on and on about whatever. you were the only person i'll ever let get away with ANYTHING! i kno the purses in heaven are probably the best, but please save some cute ones for me! haha I love you pookie daniel!
~Logan Daniel Mitcheltree 11/10/95-12/18/04 : You changed a lot of peoples lives little guy!~


paul came over yesterday and we played cards and ate was fun! we were talking about how there are so many "clicks" in our church and decided we needed to make our own, we're called the "homies!" if you want to join bring one of us a 734578908763 million page paper on why you want to join the best "click" in the church and we'll get back to you! (just kidding)

i went to jenna's church sunday..i had a good time..we talked about how whenever something bad happens, something good will eventually come out of it- i couldnt help but sit there and think "its been over 2 years since my daddy died of cancer and nothing but worse has happend since then" i guess i just have to keep waiting on it..

a few nights ago i had a dream about this boy i used to like and in the dream i kissed him..ever since i woke up from that dream i havnt been able to stop thinking where he is and what hes doing these days.

3 months and i still cannot get the pictures of logan being gone sure i shouldnt really be saying this cause it will get caught in the wrong hands..happens all the time..i guess i should just think "can i trust this person with whatever i want to say?" before i tell someone ANYTHING at all..ugh! i thought moving to NC would make it all go away but i cant get away from the person who is doing it!

oh well..i guess i'll post this now...the end